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I wish to convey my sincerest gratitude to all the customers who have been giving their affections and love for Dae Heung Bobbin Co.,Ltd.


Dae Heung Bobbin Co.,Ltd. shall endeavor to our utmost to continue to meet the requests of our customers until our product can incite affection for us, and to continue to research and put effortsuntil we can manufacture the best quality bobbin in the world.


In addition, Dae Heung Bobbin Co.,Ltd. on the foundation of technology and know-how accumulated over the last 20 years in all aspects of the products of electronics industry in the world.


I now seek for your kind encouragement and support so that Dae Heung Bobbin Co.,Ltd. can grow along with our customers in the era of rapidly changing global economy and globalization.


The best product in the world!

Dae Heung Bobbin Co.,Ltd shall be the one to achieve this goal.


Thant you very much.


                            President Choong Sik, Jee